Life has fallen into a rhythm: Now time for a post on our arrival.

We began our year in France on August 1st. We had many tasks to complete and a few sights to see before the start of school. Now that life has fallen into a predictable rhythm, no excuses remain for delaying that first blog post.

I’ll begin with the tale of our arrival. We ended up with a long term lease with Renault Eurodrive mostly due to their responsiveness when I researched our options while still in the US. The shuttle from CDG to the pick up location was efficient and the Renault Eurodrive personnel were friendly and helpful. The issue began after two hours on the autoroute. I received a warning that the gearbox was overheating. As luck would have it, we were near Cosne-cours-sur-Loire, where I was already planning to make a stop at the Bricomarch√© for fans. This was the time of the heat dome over Europe – fans were a must for a solid night’s sleep.

After allowing the car to rest, it was time to make our way to Sancerre. We almost made it. As the name of the blog implies, the village of Sancerre sits upon a piton. The poor little car tried to make it up the piton, but finally gasped its last breath at the exact location of Bienvenue au pays du Sancerre. When leasing agencies hand you the material for emergencies… you never think you’ll need it. Renault Eurodrive was incredibly helpful and arranged for the tow truck. We had to wait almost two hours for the driver due to other calls, but we were completely at ease the entire time. Maybe it was the jet-lag? I prefer to think of it as simple gratitude – for the gift of modern travel. The day before, we were in Chicago. Now we were on the side of the road in Sancerre.